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9 Best Things to Do on Jekyll Island Georgia

Jekyll Island is a sea island located in Glynn County, Georgia. It is considered a part of the Golden Isles of Georgia and is owned by the State of Georgia. It is a self-sustaining body that is home to several state parks and is open to the public. If you’re looking for a great vacation spot, you may want to consider vacationing on this beautiful island. For your good trip, we have covered some best things to do on Jekyll Island.

Here we have some stunning things to do on Jekyll Island

Summer Waves Water Park

Summer Waves Water Park Things to Do on Jekyll Island

Summer Waves Water Park in Jekyll island is close to the port city of Brunswick and is open from May to September/October. Whether you’re looking for a family vacation or an adventure with friends, this water park is sure to thrill you. There are plenty of rides and attractions to keep the whole family entertained for hours. This attraction is free to enter and is great for people of all ages. So, it should be on top of your list of the best things to do on Jekyll Island while traveling here.

The park’s water slides come with exciting names like Pirate’s Passage, Nature’s Revenge, Force 3, and many more. In addition, there’s a giant bucket of water in Splash Zone and a tamer slide, Shark Tooth Cove.

The water park has six water slides that range in height from 30 feet to 50 feet. The park also features a wave pool, a lazy river, and a kids’ wading area. The water park also offers discounts for early birds and late afternoon visitors. In addition, summer passes are good for groups of four or more people.

A water park should have lifeguards on duty and should be staffed with qualified staff. The park’s lifeguards are certified by the Starfish Aquatic Institute and have been trained in CPR. The park also has a First Aid Station staffed by an EMT.

Best suitable park for Family

If you’re looking for a family water park in the southern Georgia area, Summer Waves Water Park should be high on your list. The 11-acre park has water slides for everyone to enjoy. Highlights include Pirate’s Passage, a five-story drop, a kiddie pool, and a lazy river. You’ll also find mini slides, a water gun range, and an enclosed tube slide.

This water park in Jekyll Island is a great place to take your family. There are several other attractions and activities that can make the trip worthwhile. If you want to stay close to the beach, you can stay in one of the many Jekyll Island hotels.

Driftwood Beach

Driftwood Beach Things to Do on Jekyll Island

One of the best things to do on Jekyll Island is Driftwood Beach. It is a unique coastal experience. The sandy beachfront is littered with old tree branches and trunks, resulting from centuries of erosion. It is a favorite spot for sunrise and sunset viewing. It is also the site of many wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Whether you want to propose, renew your vows, or enjoy a romantic stroll, Driftwood Beach is a beautiful setting. The area is dotted with local vendors, and there are also plenty of romantic dinner options. The beach is consistently ranked as one of America’s most romantic beaches. A stay at a Jekyll Island vacation rental allows you to enjoy this natural beauty without the distractions of modern life.

You can also visit the state park on Jekyll Island. This 240-acre site has 33 historic structures. It has been a family retreat since 1888 when it was known as “Millionaire’s Village.” The area used to be home to wealthy families. Some of these homes still stand today.

Before Jekyll Island was incorporated into the state park system, it was separated and organized as a separate authority. The original intention was to establish a self-sufficient community. Due to the island’s resources, this was deemed achievable. Its paved causeway allows access to the beach. The island is also home to 20 miles of hiking trails.

Driftwood Beach is a popular spot for families with children. There are plenty of picnic tables, restrooms, and boardwalks. The boardwalk to the beach leads through several different natural habitats, including pine and water oak tree roots. It was used in the 1989 civil war drama Glory.

Landmark Trolley Tour

Landmark Trolley Tour Things to Do on Jekyll Island

As a traveler, you have to search best things to do at the destination you are going to travel to. Jekyll Island’s Landmark Trolley Tour is one of its best attractions. Its narrated tour allows you to explore the island in a leisurely manner without having to drive. The tour lasts about an hour, and you can visit the museum and historic landmarks without having to drive your car.

The Jekyll Island Museum is another great place to visit. You can visit a few homes and museums, and you can even visit the Boone Hall plantation, which is America’s oldest plantation. This historic site is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. You can also visit nearby Beaufort, Georgia, to see a unique city that is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

Jekyll Island is a popular destination for tourists in the southern United States. This island features beautiful beaches, historic buildings, and plenty of activities to keep you busy. A guided tour can help you learn about the island’s natural ecosystems and rich cultural history. There are several types of tours available on the island, so choose a tour that suits your needs.

Jekyll Island offers scenic paths and trails that wind through sand dunes, historic sites, and beaches. You’ll also find plenty of shade thanks to ancient oak trees. The trail passes the Westin Resort, and there are park benches every 5 miles.

William Horton’s home

William Horton's home

If you’re looking for a place to visit that honors Jekyll Island’s rich history, try visiting the Horton House. It is one of the best things to do on Jekyll Island. The Horton House is a historic site that is located on Jekyll Island, Georgia. The house was built in 1830 and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

The home was built by William Horton, who was second-in-command to General James Oglethorpe. He used the island to build a home that was comfortable for himself and his family. The property was full of rich land and perfect for growing cotton, indigo, and hops. Horton also started Georgia’s first brewery and supplied the troops at Ft Frederica.

William Horton’s home is one of the earliest structures on Jekyll Island. It is the oldest remaining structure of a tabby house and is the oldest house exterior in Georgia. In the early eighteenth century, Horton was a second-in-command of General James Oglethorpe’s regiment. Horton was able to build a house on Jekyll Island using slaves and indentured labor. The tabby house is still standing today.

Maj. William Horton’s first home was a small wooden building. He built it on Jekyll Island after the Spanish attacked it during the Battle of Bloody Marsh. The original Horton House was destroyed by Spanish soldiers, but it was rebuilt after a few years and still stands today thanks to preservation efforts.

History of William Horton House

The Horton House is one of the oldest houses on Jekyll Island and is over 300 years old. It was built around 1736. The Horton House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was the first home on Jekyll Island and is one of the earliest tabby houses. The shells were burned to produce lime, which was then mixed with sand and water. The resulting slurry was then poured into forms.

Horton House was destroyed by the Spanish during the Revolutionary War and rebuilt again during the early 1800s. The building has been inhabited by several prominent figures in the history of Georgia. During its first incarnation, William Horton lived here. Other notable people who lived in the house include Clement Martin, Richard Leake, and Christophe Poulain DuBignon.

Faith Chapel

Faith Chapel

The Faith Chapel is a historic chapel located in Jekyll Island, Georgia. It was built in 1904 and was used as a non-denominational chapel until 1942 when the state of Georgia purchased it. Since that time, it has been a popular tourist attraction and one of the best things to do for residents and tourists of Jekyll Island.

The chapel is located on the Old Plantation Road on Jekyll Island, Georgia. The Gothic-style architecture of the chapel creates an edifice that is reminiscent of an early colonial meeting house. The chapel also features a beautiful stained-glass window that depicts the Christ child. The chapel can hold up to 110 guests and is available for weddings. The price includes an hour-long rehearsal for the couple and staging rooms for the bride and groom.

The Faith Chapel is a historic landmark in the Jekyll Island Historic District next to the Cherokee Cottage. It was the second interdenominational chapel built by the Jekyll Island Club and was finished in time for its 1904 season. The chapel features a stained-glass panel behind the pulpit that depicts the Adoration of the Christ Child. The church is well maintained and is a popular wedding venue. It is also open to the public for tours.

The Faith Chapel is a must-see attraction on Jekyll Island. The church has a beautiful stained glass window designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. The chapel also has a beautiful flower-covered entrance.

Mosaic Jekyll Island Museum

Mosaic Jekyll Island Museum

The Mosaic, Jekyll Island Museum is a history museum located in the historic district of Jekyll Island, Georgia. It is the first museum of its kind and features a diverse collection of local artifacts and relics. The museum is open to the public, with admission free of charge. It should be on top of your list of the best things to do on Jekyll Island while traveling there.

The museum features a fascinating collection of artifacts and interactive displays. Guests can learn about the island’s rich history through five distinct eras. There are interactive exhibits that take visitors on a journey through the island’s past. The museum is located in the footprint of the historic stables building. It has lofted ceilings and open space that make it a great place to learn about the island’s history.

The museum has a variety of interactive displays and exhibits and is open to the public from 9 am-5 pm daily. Designed to engage families, this museum features a wealth of artifacts and information spanning thousands of years. The museum features a collection of artifacts from the Colonial Era, including the signet ring of Maj. William Horton, a top military aide dispatched to Jekyll Island by Gen. James Oglethorpe. The ring is crafted of gold and stone. Other artifacts include the dugout canoe from the Plantation Era and the re-creation of a Native American midden of oyster shells.

The museum is located at 100 Stable Rd in Jekyll Island, Georgia. It is a museum of culture and history, and you can take guided trolley tours through the island’s historic district. You can even visit the homes along the way. Tickets are required and must be purchased in advance.

The 4-H Tidelands Nature Center

The 4-H Tidelands Nature Center

Located on the southwest side of Jekyll Island, the 4-H Tidelands Nature Center offers a wealth of coastal education programs for children and adults alike. From kayak tours to a gallery featuring live coastal species, visitors can learn about the ecosystems and marine life that make the region their home.

The center’s hands-on exhibits include reptiles, amphibians, and marine mammals. It also features live animals like loggerhead turtles, snakes, and baby alligators. There are also touch tanks and nature trails to explore. For a fee, visitors can take a guided nature walk. This makes it one of the best things to do on Jekyll island.

The Tidelands Nature Center is part of the University of Georgia 4-H program, which aims to educate the public about the environment on Jekyll Island and educate them about native coastal species. Visitors can take guided kayak tours, explore tidal creeks, and learn about the island’s flora and fauna. Kayak tours, nature walks, and group programs are all available.

Dolphin Tour

Dolphin Tour

Looking for the best things to do on Jekyll Island? The Dolphin Tour is one of them. The waters off Jekyll Island are home to the largest population of bottlenose dolphins in the world. These amazing creatures are beautiful, playful, and social. Dolphin tours are a great way to interact with them up close. The tours are narrated and take place along the salt marsh and Intracoastal Waterway. Some tours also include trips to wilderness beaches.

The 90-minute sunset cruise departs 1 hour before sunset and is perfect for family reunions, birthdays, and bridal parties. The tour takes you through the backwater marshes of Coastal Georgia, so you’ll be able to watch the sunset over the sea. The tour can accommodate up to six passengers.

Bottlenose dolphins live in the waters off Jekyll Island year-round. During the cooler months, they migrate south for food. In the spring, they return to the Georgia coast. This time is known as “Bottlenose Dolphin spring break” and is the ideal time to watch dolphins playing with their babies. They’re extremely social and have a strong bond with each other.

A Dolphin Tour Jekyll Island Georgia offers a variety of experiences. These include guided walks through the island’s natural environment, and ecology, as well as an evening stroll highlighting the area’s sea turtle activities. Some companies even offer private boat charters.

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is dedicated to the rehabilitation and study of sea turtles. They also promote the preservation of the environment. The center is located in Savannah. You can learn about the different species of turtles and see how they are rescued. The center is open to the public, and admission is free. If you are a sea lover then it may be one of the best things to do on Jekyll Island for you.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center offers school group programs on a daily basis. However, you must make a reservation if you are planning to bring a group of at least 20 people. You will need to reserve a place for your group ahead of time so that they can arrange the best dates and times. Generally, the center has programs Monday through Friday. The facility is well-suited for self-guided tours, but volunteers are available to answer questions and give instructions. You can also participate in regular educational programs conducted by the staff and veterinarians.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center also offers turtle walks. These walks are a great way to learn about Jekyll Island’s unique beach ecology. These tours also give visitors an understanding of sea turtle nesting and hatching. Guests can witness the excavation of newly hatched sea turtle nests. Participants should be prepared to pay a $5 daily parking fee.

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is one of the few educational facilities that focus exclusively on sea turtles. This center offers educational programs for children and adults and is home to a working hospital that helps restore the health of sea turtles. The center also features a rehabilitation pavilion and an interactive exhibit gallery.

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