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10 Best Places to visit on the Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast is a gorgeous coastal area, and the cool fog adds a magical touch. This region is best visited in the early autumn, rather than the hot summer days. The fog also adds a unique element of mystery to the coast. While the summer months of July and August are warm, the fog is most prevalent in early September and early October. You can find plenty of places to rent a boat to explore the area.

The Oregon Coast is well-known for its productive fisheries. This contributes to the local economy and the many tourist experiences that occur along the coastline. One of the best places to go fishing is Tillamook Bay, which offers boat rentals and fishing guides. Depending on the season, you can catch Chinook or coho salmon in the bay. You can also try your hand at crabbing, as well.

Tidepools are common on Oregon’s rocky shores. They are home to hundreds of different species of fish and invertebrates. You can find sea urchins, sea anemones, mussels, limpets, crabs, and barnacles. If you’re looking for a real thrill, you can try your hand at surfing. Manzanita is an underrated town on the Oregon coast. This little fishing village sits at the mouth of Nehalem Bay, which flows into the Pacific Ocean. The bay is shallow for most of its length, so it’s ideal for kayaking or camping. The town is a quick drive south of Cannon Beach.

Map of Oregon Coast

Map of Oregon Coast

The Map of Oregon Coast is a beautiful representation of Oregon’s coastline. It shows state parks, pristine beaches, and bustling harbors. This state has three hundred and thirty-three miles of coastline, and thanks to a pioneering beach bill, all of it remains free of charge for recreation. It is a beautiful place to hike, camp, kayak, and explore. You can stay at cozy beachfront lodges along the coast.

The Map of the Oregon Coast is useful for anyone planning a trip to the Pacific Northwest. It includes state and interstate highways, city and town boundaries, scenic areas, scenic byways, and points of interest. It also lists hotels, beaches, attractions, and shopping venues. In addition, the map shows state parks, wildlife viewing areas, and fish hatcheries.

The Oregon coast is dotted with villages and towns. Some are built on pilings over inlets, while others Nestle in the lee of a steep cliff or hill. Some are even home to houseboat colonies. The physical grandeur of the coastline is complemented by the tangy smell of salt air and evergreen forests.

The Oregon Coast is a popular vacation destination. Although the region has a minimal local population, the decline of the logging industry has prompted small communities to focus on tourism and development. You can find over sixty percent of the coast’s land open to public use. The largest cities on the coast are Coos Bay/North Bend and Newport, with populations of around ten thousand. Both of these cities are a jumping-off point for exploring the coast.

Top 10 places to visit on the Oregon Coast

Lincoln City

Lincoln City Oregon Coast

A trip to Lincoln City will give you the chance to explore the city’s history and culture. It’s a place that has been home to many renowned figures, such as Abraham Lincoln. The city is also home to a number of other attractions and landmarks. The Georgian era was the time when Lincoln started to thrive and its economy began to expand thanks to the Agricultural Revolution. The city’s growth also grew during the Industrial Revolution, which saw an influx of heavy engineering and new businesses.

The first branch of the Lincoln Public Library opened in 1912. It was funded by citizens of northeast Lincoln who donated $1,100 for its construction. Andrew Carnegie also helped furnish the building. The Northeast Branch was originally located at 27th and Orchard and operated until 1982. Today, the building serves as the Matt Talbot Community Kitchen & Outreach Center.

While tourists flock to the city to experience the beach, visitors can also check out the city’s other attractions. Nearby attractions include the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and the D River State Recreation Site. A number of hiking trails and whale-watching tours are available in the area. Visitors can also find great bargains in the Lincoln City Outlets, which are located along the coast. There are almost 50 merchants in the outlet center that sell a variety of merchandise.

The Lincoln City Museum has moved several times due to the city’s rapid expansion. Today, it’s housed in the City Hall building and features plenty of display space and a newly renovated research library. Its Lower Level exhibits feature pioneer life in the late 1800s to mid-1920s and the Upper-Level exhibits explore county life from 1920 to 1965. It’s also home to the historic Lakeside Theatre, which used to be known as the Bijou Theatre.


Seaside Oregon Coast

Seaside is a small resort city located on the Oregon coast. The city has a wide beach, which is popular for surfing. It also has a 1920s-style promenade and an aquarium. The aquarium features touch tanks and a seal exhibit. There are many outdoor activities to enjoy, including the Tillamook Head National Recreation Trail, which climbs a forested cape. You can also visit Ecola State Park for scenic views of the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse. In addition, you can watch gray whales migrate through the estuary.

The town is 80 miles from Portland. It has a population of just under 7,000 people. The city has an interesting history – it was the last stop of the Lewis and Clark expedition that led to the doubling of the United States. It is also home to the Seaside House, which was built by railroad magnate Ben Holladay in 1848. There are many beautiful places to visit and plenty of shopping to do.

Seaside is a popular year-round destination on the Oregon coast. It’s close to Portland, Oregon, and has many fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Families can visit art galleries, play arcade games, stroll along the Promenade, and visit the town’s aquarium, the oldest aquarium on the west coast. Finally, don’t forget to check out the beaches!

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach is a small coastal city in northwest Oregon. It has a long, sandy shore and is home to a seasonal colony of puffins. The city is a natural playground for visitors, and the nearby Ecola State Park offers breathtaking views of the ocean. Other attractions include Hug Point, home to sea caves and tide pools. The charming downtown area is home to several boutiques.

The Cannon Beach History Center and Museum is an excellent place to learn about the town’s history. There are rotating and permanent exhibits to explore, and the museum also features an old photograph collection. There are also educational programs offered by the museum. It is open Wednesday through Monday. There are no admission fees and there are plenty of parking spaces.

The coastal town is also home to seven Marine Gardens. These parks encourage visitors to engage in a responsible exploration of the diverse marine ecosystems that are home to numerous species. You’ll also find many beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean on the Ecola State Park trails. This area was created millions of years ago by lava from the Columbia Plateau, which flooded the coast with marine sediments. The earth then shifted, creating basalt rock that rose above sea level. This is where the iconic Haystack Rock can be found, towering 235 feet above the shoreline.

Cannon Beach is an iconic seaside town and has been named the best beach in Oregon Coast and one of America’s best art towns. This town is also known for its spectacular landscape and has many natural landmarks that are worth seeing.

Astoria on Oregon Coast


Astoria, Oregon, is located on the Columbia River near the Pacific Ocean. It is a small city with many attractions, including the Astoria Column, a hilltop monument with murals depicting local history. Visitors to the city can also visit the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which displays the area’s fishing and shipping history. The Flavel House Museum, set in a Queen Anne-style Victorian mansion with manicured gardens, is another interesting attraction.

The city of Astoria is a cultural hub for tourists, transplants, and locals alike. The downtown district is home to many shops, and restaurants, as well as the Oregon Coast Film Museum. If you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe, head to the Columbia River Maritime Museum, which is located on the waterfront.

Astoria is also home to a historic movie house that underwent a complete restoration in 2005. You can also tour the floating lighthouse, which can reach forty feet during storms. The lightship Columbia is located across the street from the museum and was built in 1884-85. It has been restored to its former glory and provides a glimpse into the elegance of Astoria during its affluent past.

Visitors can also visit the nearby Fort Stevens State Park. It contains exhibitions and artifacts from the Corps of Discovery.

Rockaway Beach on Oregon Coast

Rockaway Beach

Whether it’s the expansive sandy beach or the 5.5-mile boardwalk, Rockaway Beach offers something for everyone. Families flock to the beach every summer for activities like volleyball and skateboarding. The lively boardwalk features patios and seasonal vendors. Throughout the year, surfers catch breaks along the coast. The area also features pastel condos and 1960s apartment towers.

During the beach season, lifeguards patrol the beach from 10 am to 6 pm. They’re usually present from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. You’ll need to respect the lifeguards’ rules and obey their commands. There are also sections of the beach that are closed during certain hours. These are clearly marked by signs and red flags.

Rockaway Beach has been a coastal getaway for generations. Even before the Pacific Coast Highway was built, people flocked here to relax and enjoy the Pacific Ocean. Today, the town is home to hundreds of vacation rental homes and hotel rooms. Despite the popularity of the town, it is generally uncrowded, and the views of the Pacific Ocean are spectacular. While there are fewer people than in the 1920s, the town still offers miles of sandy beach, seaside shops, and delicious local restaurants.

Seafood restaurants are the local specialty at Rockaway Beach. Several restaurants are located along the 101 in the town center. A popular spot for breakfast is Grumpy’s Cafe, which serves made-from-scratch breakfast entrees. Other casual restaurants include Sand Dollar Restaurant and Old Oregon Coast Smokehouse. Both offer seafood chowder and fried entrees.

Newport on Oregon Coast


A significant part of Newport’s history is related to the maritime industry. The area has historically been a major whaling town on the Oregon Coast. After the Civil War, the city became a naval base and was home to the North Atlantic Destroyer Squadron. This activity eventually made Newport a wealthy and prosperous city. Today, the Navy is the largest employer in Newport, bringing many service businesses to the city. There are numerous historical landmarks and museums in the town.

Newport is a charming seaside town with some of the best seafood restaurants in the area. However, there are many other wonderful dining establishments in the city as well. For a special occasion, consider booking a table at upscale restaurants like The Mooring and 22 Bowen. Both restaurants offer fine dining and have extensive wine lists.

Another historical attraction in Newport is the Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths, located 4 miles northeast of Newport. This historic complex is located in the ruins of the Roman fortress Isca Augusta. The site features remnants of the Roman empire, including an amphitheater and Roman baths. Visitors can also enjoy the Fourteen Locks Canal, an engineering wonder completed in 1799. The canal’s goal was to control water flow and ensure an adequate supply.

The harbor is an important landmark in Newport, and the town is a great destination for people who love the water. There are several beaches to choose from. Located near the town line, the Surfer’s End is a great place to catch waves of varying sizes. Nearby, Ruggles beach offers bigger, rougher waves. The nearby island sports store, Island Sports, is a great place to buy surf gear. They also have a large warehouse filled with used boards and repaired surfboards.



Waldport is a small coastal city in Lincoln County, Oregon Coast. It has a population of 2,033 as of the 2010 census. It is located on Alsea Bay and the Alsea River, 15 miles south of Newport and eight miles north of Yachats. The city is popular for its beautiful beaches and rich history.

The climate in Waldport is mild. It receives an average of 68 inches of rain annually. The median home price is $361,100. The median price of homes in Waldport has increased by 10.5% in the last decade. The average commute time is 18.9 minutes. In Waldport, the average temperature is 53 degrees F in December and 39 degrees Fahrenheit in August. The city averages 165 days of rain per year.

Fishing is a popular activity in Waldport. Charter boats are available to take you out on the water. You can also check out the local bakery, Pacific Sourdough, which produces handmade artisan bread. You can also stop by the Salty Dog Bar and Grill for a taste of Northwest cuisine.

Waldport, Oregon is a charming small town with plenty to offer tourists. It has beautiful unspoiled beaches and abundant fishing. The city also features a nine-hole golf course in the nearby hills. No matter what your interests are, Waldport is a destination worth exploring.



The town of Florence, Oregon, is located 60 miles west of Eugene. It’s nestled at the mouth of the Siuslaw River. The town is home to around 8,900 residents. It was originally home to the Siuslaw tribe of Native Americans, but today is a popular retirement destination for people from all over the country. The city is thought to have been named after former state senator A.B. Florence, who represented Lane County from 1858 to 1860. Another popular theory is that the city is named after a shipwreck that occurred here in 1875.

In Florence, you can enjoy a variety of food and drink options. The town is known for its fresh seafood, which makes it a popular destination for visitors. Whether you want to eat breakfast or lunch, there is no shortage of options. The River Roasters, a popular café in Florence, has an extensive menu of coffee and pastries. It also has a cute gift shop that overlooks the river.

Florence is the perfect place to visit if you want to experience Oregon Coast natural scenery and explore the area’s in-town attractions. The town has several museums, photogenic bridges, and several seafood restaurants. It also earns the nickname “Oregon’s Coastal Playground” thanks to its abundant sandy beachfront.

Coos Bay

Coos Bay Oregon Coast

The weather in Coos Bay is typically cool and damp, with mild winters and warm summers. The average monthly temperature never exceeds seventy-six degrees, and the coastal climate is classified as a Mediterranean climate. It experiences about 65 inches of rain per year and often encounters strong coastal storms. The summer months can be foggy, and the area rarely sees any snow.

When visiting Coos Bay, be sure to check out the many museums and historical sites. The town offers many options for shopping, dining, and coffee. Visitors can also explore the historic Marshfield District, which contains many historic buildings and theaters, shops, and galleries. The Egyptian Theater, meanwhile, is home to Oregon Coast only remaining original theater pipe organ.

The climate in Coos Bay is relatively mild year-round, which makes it a great vacation destination. Its hilly terrain prevents stagnant water and makes mosquitoes less likely to breed. Even in winter, the temperature doesn’t drop below 40 degrees, and peaks around 80 degrees. Its mild climate makes it a great getaway for people who live in cooler climates.

If you’re interested in exploring the local history, Coos County Museum has an extensive collection of artifacts and photographs. There are exhibits about maritime history, indigenous tribes, and the lumber industry. There are also several interactive exhibits you can visit. The Coos County Museum also hosts a monthly lecture series and free admission on the second Saturday of the month.

Gold Beach

Gold Beach Oregon Coast

Located on the southern Oregon coast, Gold Beach is a great getaway for nature lovers and adventurers. Its name comes from the gold mining days when gold was discovered in the sands near the Rouge River. This name has stuck and now visitors can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

The best time to visit Gold Beach is during the summer months when the weather is sunny and comfortable. Winters can be chilly, so bring warm clothing and a jacket. Summer highs average in the mid-sixties, while winter highs are around forty degrees. For these reasons, visitors to Gold Beach should be prepared to dress appropriately.

A fascinating site near the town is the Mary D. Hume shipwreck, a 19th-century vessel that was built in Gold Beach. This steamer was used for hauling goods between San Francisco and Oregon Coast, and later as a whaler in Alaska. It was eventually retired from service in Gold Beach in 1977, but it survived the wreckage and can now be viewed from the shore.

The area is also home to some of the best whitewater rafting in the United States. The Rogue River’s interaction with the rocky shoreline creates ideal conditions for whitewater rafting. The numerous rapids that run through the area are popular among tourists and locals alike.

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